Produced by Bélta&Frajumar

Contrast of styles, shapes and volumes

As in art, we have designed a high contrast chair. Contrast of styles, between classic and modern, contrast of shapes, between the volume of the body and the fine rod that runs through its silhouette. And finally and ironically the contrast of his appearance with his name, Thin.

We always look for inspiration in what we are passionate about. In the case of the Thin chair, it comes from the work process of urban artists when it comes to painting letters, or as they call them “bubble letters”. They are usually relatively simple volumes of color, rounded and subsequently outlined by a line.

The origin of the idea was to create a chair that would combine the best of achodoso and the best of Beltá Frajumar, and that in turn shared the leading role. For our part, we have contributed that young and fresh design, the spark, and Beltá & Frajumar its experience and good work in the upholstery and finishes.

Which by the way, the Thin chair does not have any visible seams.