Produced by Newgarden Spain.

Functional and sustainable.

Helga is the first product designed by the Achodoso’ study to Newgarden.

It is a lamp metal-made with a molded polyethylene screen.

It is worth mentioning its sustainability, being a totally autonomous lamp as it is charged with solar energy using a panel on its top. Battery life up to 8 hours. The light is powered by LED RGBW, achieving up to 128 different colors. It can be controlled remotely.

It can be used as an outdoor charging station to charge your device without plug-in the lamp. Apart from being an outdoor lighting product, it can be used as an outdoor charging station. This makes it unique as it complies with the IP65 outdoor protection rating. It also has/includes a connection for mobiles and tablets.

There are 3 colors to choose from. soft pink, sage green and anthracite gray.