What we do and who we are

achodoso is a studio primarily focused on product design and specialised on furniture design.

In their products, achodoso reveals a style characterised by the simplicity of the elements and the originality in details, with what is pretended that something apparently insignificant produces an unexpected pleasure on people who use it.

Its two members, Pedro Boj Pérez and Javier Gutiérrez Asensio, met during their product design studies and since then they have not stopped working together. They are two designers with opposite profiles who have known how to take advantaje of their differences.

As a result of their work, achodoso has received several recognitions, such as:

First prize in the design category of the seventh edition of the Consentino Design Challenge 2013.

First prize in the bath design category of the CevisamaLab 2014 contest.

Selected as exhibitors at the young designers space (Nude 2015, 2016) of Hábitat Valencia Fair.

Selected as exhibitors at the Salone Satellite Milano (2016, 2017).

And rewarded with one of the 12 New Designers Awards Neo2 by Sancal 2018.

Javier Gutiérrez Asensio

Creative Director

Pedro Boj Pérez

CEO and designer