Designed from the research of new ways to join metal tubes.

The Armchair with arms, is a metal tube structure and laminated casing using beech. A partial cut set on the outer edge of the curve reveals the inner diameter of the tube, as a result, another tube with the same diameter  can be introduced.

By means of this technique a really interesting joining between straight and curve lines can be achieved without any trace of welding spots. It offers the posibility of using different colour for every piece. Due to its arm design it can be supported on a table in order to make a better use of space.

The used materials are: metal tubes of two different diameters (22 and 25 millimeters) and beech wood for both the seat and the backrest.

It was designed in 2015 and it was presented for the the first time at the Habitat Fair of Valencia in the space for young designers NUDE.