Produced by DAE Barcelona

The In_Tube technique used in a minimalist way

The In_Tube technique used in a minimalist way.

This Wall hook is the synthesis of the In_Tube technique, a functional object which can be adapted to any environment and it allows you to hang clothing items or any objects in an easy and comfortable way. Its beautiful combination between the lacquered metal and natural wood makes the In_Tube Wall Hook very noticeable.

It has been designed not just for the home or habitat sector but for the contract sector too.  The In Tube Wall Hook allows you to create different layouts and compositions which allows for the users imagination.

This piece was designed in 2015 and presented for the first time in 2016 at the Nude Salón and Salone Satellite Milano.

The materials which have been used are: metal tubes 8 millimeters in diameter and oak or beech wood.